CBDC Conference

4 - 6 October 2021

The urgency of CBDC


Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has recently taken the center stage by storm.

Inevitably, the question arises: What were the drivers behind such rapid and impressive development?

Just a few years ago, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) was still attracting very little interest. Only a handful of central banks were even looking into it. If at all, discussions about CBDC were often held behind closed doors.

Then, however, a number of central banks began implementing pilot projects with the aim of better understanding the challenges associated with CBDC. A multitude of studies have also been published on this topic.

At the same time, technological innovations facilitated the advent of cryptocurrencies and, in the wake of Facebook’s announcement of plans to introduce Diem (formerly known as Libra), CBDC was thrust into the spotlight almost overnight.



The rationale of the CBDC Conference


Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a rather recent topic. It is an area with many uncertainties and only a few established standards. As such, there are vast, uncharted territories to be explored.

CBDC is also a complex topic with many different facets. And there is no question that there are many different opinions, interests, desires and expectations of the purpose of CBDC from a wide variety of interest groups.

In such a dynamic environment, it is paramount that a common understanding of the basic principles of CBDC be established among the different stakeholders.

This is the backdrop against which the CBDC Conference was created. It has been designed as a platform for knowledge exchange, learning opportunities and in-depth discussions.


Why attend?


The CBDC Conference brings together the representatives of the different stakeholders. It is a chance for central bankers, retail bankers, technological solution providers and academics to come together and discuss vital issues.

This makes the CBDC Conference the premium meeting point for knowledge carriers in the field of Central Bank Digital Currency.

The CBDC Conference is geared towards delegates who have a professional interest in CBDC:

Is it part of your job to consider the impact of CBDC on financial stability or banking supervision? Are you entrusted with studying the regulatory and legal aspects of CBDC? Are you employed by a central bank which is considering implementing a CBDC project? Or are you working on innovative technical solutions and more efficient systems? Maybe you are a consultant advising central banks and other entities on CBDC?

The CBDC Conference is the perfect event to examine this subject matter from all different angles. Join the discussion and shape the future of CBDC!


Climate-neutral conference


We care about our environment!

Making the CBDC Conference climate neutral is therefore a matter very close to our hearts. To achieve our goal, we had the carbon footprint of the CBDC Conference calculated by myclimate (www.myclimate.org), one of the world’s leaders for voluntary CO₂ compensation measures.

When registering for the CBDC Conference, delegates are given the option of offsetting the carbon footprint caused by their participation. If they elect not to tick the corresponding box, we, the organisers, will cover the cost accordingly.

Naturally, we also plan to offset the carbon footprint caused by the travel of the speakers who will present at the CBDC Conference.

The amount collected will be used to fund a carbon-offset project overseen by myclimate.



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About us

The CBDC Conference is organized by Lighthouse Communications LLC (www.lighthouse-communications.ch), an entity registered and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

Conferences organized by Lighthouse Communications are characterized by their high-quality content and innovative formats, which support learning and foster communication among the participants. One prime example is the World Banknote Summit (www.worldbanknotesummit.com), which is attended by delegates from all over the world.